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Historical society of USDC
Historical society of USDC

Historical society of USDC


Designer: Peter Vasvari

Client: Quantus | Brand Consultancy Agency

Description: Logo design for Historical society of united states district courts (western district of Oklahoma), U.S.A.

The Client: The project is for an organization called the "historical society of united states district courts (western district of Oklahoma)".

AWARD: The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2012, Nomination Award, China

It is featured in International Design Books...

This is a new organization headed by the Chief Justice (of the Western District Court) as well as a prominent group of lawyers & federal judges who are based out of Oklahoma.

The organization looks to increase the awareness and appreciation of the role, severed by the court, as well as promote it's rich and vast history for our state and region.

The Brand: 
The brand is build around 3 core principles or actions: engage. educate. appreciate.  
Those 3 principles are also a methodology (process) that we hope all create touch-points to be able to execute upon. Alone, they are valueless, however, together and in the sequential order listed - they hold tremendous value.

Current Environment: 
Here in the US there is a very cynical view of our criminal justice system and the court is no beneficiary of that. When most American's think of our court system they think of 3 things: 

1.) Crime and punishment - This is negative and very limited. not all courts are criminal courts and many courts have provided the rights and liberties we take for granted. They also protect those rights and liberties against those whom would otherwise seek to reduce them. 

2.) Reality (Court) TV - Because of the circus that is the American media system, many television shows have popped up over the last 15 years that depict a 1 dimensional view of the court as a reality tv show with comic relief. The perfect example of this was the infamous "judge judy" show which prodded out unsophisticated people and humiliated them in their interactions with the judge. 

3.) Celebrity Circuses - This genre and mindset has a very clear beginning - The OJ Simpson trial, where the famous athlete and actor was accused of murdering 2 people. The case presented huge racial and social divides in America and was the prelude to large audiences, massive media advertising revenues, and "court news" debate programs.

The court as a defender of our culture (freedom + liberty). Then. Now. and in the Future. 

The direction of this theme involves the concept that the fiducial relationship, shared between American institutions and the public, exist through the successes (and failures) of our court system. The idea of America is not an idea shared by all Americans; and it is the court that functions as our last line of defense towards practical justice. 

The US District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma has played a pivotal role in taming the “wild west” through landmark cases that fought to defend the ideas, values, and culture of the United States. 

For individuals; the court matters. It has shaped the modern civil society and its beneficiaries. However, it has also been imperfect but has provided tremendous learning opportunities about the critical necessity for active participation in our republic from all.

Includes: Justice, Chief, statute, law, America, US, Jurisdiction, Historical, Society, of, the, United, States, District, Court, Western, District, of, Oklahoma

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