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Peter Vasvari is an award-winning internationally recognized graphic designer. He is the founder and creative director of Peter Vasvari Designs located in Budapest, Hungary. Vasvari works primarily in the field transforming corporate and visual identities by producing logotypes and branding materials that effectively combine business messaging with exquisite design in a manner that speaks to an international audience.

Vasvari has created a unique process of analyzing the vital elements of his clients’ business features and then creates a visual element for those features. His specialty is in the smoothly blending each of these elements into one universally understood branding identity. Vasvari’s clever intelligence and masterful use of positive and negative space make each of his logotypes a work of art that speaks the strong commercial message that effectively represents his clients. From this central logotype, Vasvari skillfully has the talents and resources to create full branding package including signage and collateral materials.

Peter has extensive experience in civic, apparel, hospitality, healthcare, and many other industries. Peter Vasvari was commissioned to produce international corporate identities for Coca-Cola, Fuchs Oil, Nike, Office Depot, Pepsi-Cola, Generali, LukOil, and Armor as well as a great deal of work in his native Hungary including: Budapest Sport Agency, Budapest Capital 13 government, district Environmental Management, Hungarian Leisure Sport Association, Hungarian Olympic Committee, Hungarian Nation Museum, Hungarian National Institute for Sports Talent and well as complete branding materials for the Estergom Castle.

Vasvari studied Graphic Design and Visual Education achieving his Secondary School Teacher diploma from Hungarian University for Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary. He continued his Graphic Arts training at the Institute of Arts and Design in Vantaa, Finland.


  • Identity: Best of the Best - international brand design contest, Shortlist, Russia (2010)
  • Wolda Professional Awards "Best of Nation" - the worldwide logo design annual, Italy (2010)
  • Third International Festival of the "Wait Of Morning" Award, Iran (2010)
  • The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2010, Bronze Award, China (2011)
  • LogoLounge Trends Report, U.S.A. (2011)
  • The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2011, Silver and Bronze Award, China (2012)
  • DESIGN FROM BEST - worldwide logo & identity design contest 3., 4., 4., 5., 5. place, Russia (2012)
  • 11th Golden Drawing-Pin Prize, "For the outstanding designer graphic activity of the latter years prize", Hungary (2012)
  • The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2012, Bronze Award, China (2013)
  • 4 th ICDA, International Corporate Design Award, Category, Company Logos, Award of Excellence, Germany (2013)
  • Best Brand Awards, best brand of each zone (best of europe and russia), Runner-up awards, Spain (2013)
  • The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2013, Merit Award, China (2014)
  • 5 th ICDA, International Corporate Design Award, Company Logos, two Silver Award, Germany (2014)
  • Best Brand Awards, best brand of each zone (best of europe and russia), Runner-up awards, Spain (2014)
  • 21st Annual Communicator Awards Notification, Silver Award of Distinction, U.S.A. (2015)
  • The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2014, Merit Award, China (2015)
  • SCA - Summit Creative Award - logo category - Bronze Award, U.S.A. (2015)
  • Taiwan International Graphic Design Award Finalist, 3 finalist works, Taiwan (2015)
  • The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2015, Merit Award, China (2016)
  • The International Logo Design Award Hiiibrand 2017, Professional Logo Bronze and Nominations Award (2018)
  • 9th WOLDA - Worldwide Logo Design Award 2018, Category: Logo New Europe, Award of Excellence, Germany (2018)
  • 5th Hiii Typography International Typography Design Competition, Categorie: Communication and Experimental, Nomination Award, China (2019)
  • 9th Hiiibrand International Brand Design Award, Professional Logo, Bronze Award, China (2019)
  • The Best Brand Awards 6th competition, International Jury Members, Tomoe Hamaguchia, Japan, Sophia Georgopoulou, Greece, Kat McCord, United States, Ewerton Mokarzel, Brazil, Péter Vasvári, Hungary, David Bouwer, South Africa, Gary Schmid, Australia., Germany (2020)


Published Articles:

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  • The limits of logo design / How to classify and what are the trends and new directions ?, OCTOGON architecture & design magazine, (2020) >>> Link

Published Design and Writer Contributor:

  • “Spin the Web: Building a Career Online”, Australian Academy of Design, Australia (2011)
  • “Jewlery Design and Technology Gothic Cross”, Gemological Institute of America, Inc., USA (2013)

Creative Work Featured In:

  • “Stone in America Magazine”, U.S.A. (2010)
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  • GOLDEN DRAWING PIN 2002-2017, Hungary (2017)
  • POSTER AFTER POSTER 130 1885-2015, Hungary (2017)
  • Bauhaus 100 poster exhibition of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, Pesti Vigadó, Hungary (2019)


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Professional Memberships

  • Association of Hungarian Scientific, Company and Industrial Editors, News: Hungarian Graphics
  • Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, Graphic Design Section

International exhibits

  • Identity: Best of the Best, Russia (2010)
  • International Festival exhibition of the “Wait of Morning”, Iran (2010)
  • Exhibition for the WINNERS of Hiiibrand 2010 in Nanjing, China (2011)
  • Hiiibrand 2010: The International Logo Design Award Exhibitions - Hangzhou, China (2011)
  • Hiiibrand 2010 Exhibitions - Urumqi, China (2011)
  • Hiiibrand Awards 2011 Exhibitions - Nanjing, China (2012)
  • Hiiibrand Awards 2012 Exhibitions - Redtory, Guangzhou, China (2013)
  • Hiiibrand Awards Exhibition - Hangzhou, China (2013)
  • Hiiibrand Awards Exhibition, China (2014), (2015)
  • Taiwan International Graphic Design Award Exhibition, Taiwan (2015)
  • Hommage à Vasarely 1906-2016, Pécsi Galéria (Hungary), Stuttgart (Germany), Brussels (Belgium) (2016)